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At Beyond Beauty we are committed to ensuring you have the safest and best possible service.  Below you will find the waxing services we provide as well as the procedure we use while performing your waxing service.  We have hard and soft wax available, as well as waxes for sensitive skin.  You also have an option of purchasing a low level numbing agent to ensure your utmost comfort!  We do not resuse the waxing sticks!  We follow all Illinois State Regulations!

Forehead $10.00


Professional Shape, Trim, Wax, Fill



Lip $10.00
Cheeks/Side Burns $15.00
Chin $  7.00
Neck $10.00
Shoulders $15.00
Chest $30.00
Back $40.00
Lower Back $20.00
Underarm $20.00
1/2 Arm $20.00
Full Arm $35.00
Hands/Knuckles $10.00
Stomach $35.00
Bikini $35.00
Brazillian $55.00
Buttox $25.00
1/2 Leg $30.00
Full Leg $50.00






1. The skin is cleaned with an anti-microbial skin cleanser or wipe. (sanitizes skin prior to service)

2. Powder, corn starch base, is placed on the skin. (buffers the skin from the wax and prevents skin from lifting.)

3. Wax is placed on the skin along with a muslin strip to remove the wax and hair.

4. A wax remover oil is used to remove wax residue from the skin.

5. The skin is again cleaned with an anti-microbial skin cleanser or wipe.

6. A skin soother is placed on the area waxed. (calms the skin and alleviates any inflammation)