Microblading is a form of permanent makeup where a tool is used to create hair-like strokes to simulate a natural perfect brow.  This treatment usually requires a yearly touch up to keep the brows looking perfect and fully pigmented.  It is perfect for those that have most of their brow hair and need minor adjustments in shape, and their brows filled in to create a finished brow.

Microblading with Shading is also a form of permanent makeup.  You receive the microblading service, but we also use another type of needle to create a shaded look to create a look that the brow hair is growing on top of each other.  This is great for those that want the natural microblading look, but don't have the natural hair to pull it off.  It creates a fuller looking brow.  There isn't as much skin showing through when this brow is complete.  The strokes are still visible through the shading.  It's also  great for those that one brow has more hair than the other to make them appear the same.

Powder Brow  is another form of permanent makeup, but this style has no strokes.  It gives the appearance of a powder-filled brow, only you don't have to do any filling in yourself.  This is great for someone who always wears a full face of makeup and a fuller brow is needed.  There is no skin showing through this type of brow.



Microblading with Shading

$249 (including 4-week touch-up)

$324 (including 4-week touch-up)

$269 (including 4-week touch-up)


$75 per treatment



Color Corretion


Yearly Touch-Up


Yearly with Re-Measure