Light can be a powerful tool in skin care. Light therapy can also seem a little mysterious if you’ve never done it before, because light doesn’t interact with the skin in the same obvious way as, say, a serum or moisturizer.  

An LED, or light-emitting diode, is basically a special light bulb that only gives off light at a certain wavelength, or color.

These light waves can penetrate deep into the skin and cause reactions within the skin. Different wavelengths produce different results

Red light is anti-inflammatory and has been shown to help stimulate collagen.  Therefore, red light may be used to treat acne and anti-aging.

Blue light therapy kills bacteria under the skin. This makes it an excellent tool for treating acne, which can be caused by bacteria in the pores.  After extractions, it is a great tool to ensure all bacteria is killed.

For severe cases you would use the light therapy twice a week.  For moderate cases you would use the therapy once a week.  For minor cases you would use it once a month.

With both blue and red light therapy, it can take a few sessions before you start seeing results.

Single Treatment

Series of 8

Add on to Facial


$459 (twice a week for 4 weeks)