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Ionic Foot Detoxification


Increase energy (physical and mental), vitality, and stamina
Detoxify the body of toxins, chemicals, radiation, pollution
Internally cleanse the body of parasites and toxins which result in reduced fluid retention, reduced inflammation, improved memory, greater bladder control, a more balanced pH, significant pain relief (gout and arthritic pains) including headaches.

Therefore the Ion Cleansing Detox Machine may HELP:

Detoxify the liver
Purge the body of heavy metals (as in some hair dyes or food)
Increase energy and reduce stress
Improve sexual health
Relieve pain
Improve memory and sleep
Cleanse parasites
Reduce wrinkles, acne and other skin problems (dark circles under the eyes)
Enhance the immune system
Reduce menstrual pain/PMS


Why the Foot?

The foot contains the most number of pores per square inch.

Who will benefit?

Most people experience an increased sense of well being, more energy and greater mental clarity after completing the ion energizer program. Physical activity can be raised in older people.

How does it work?

The process uses osmosis for movement of particles through a membrane from an area of lower concentration to an area of higher concentration. Negative ions will course through the body collecting toxic substances thereby neutralizing the positive charges.

Note: It has to be made clear that 30-35% of color change is the result of interaction between the particles in water and the electrodes as well as the acidity or the alkalinity of the foot. However, approximately 65-70% of the color change will be due to substances pulled from the body which will more often manifest as sticky residues.

The Detox Color Chart

Who cannot have the treatment?

Foot detox is safe for most people. However, the following should not have the treatment:

Persons with pacemaker / metallic implants, or electromagnetic devices
Pregnancy/suspected pregnancy
Persons with implanted organs
Those undergoing radiation or chemotherapy
Persons with open wounds on their feet
Newly-operated persons (should wait until fully recovered or at least 6 weeks post op)
Seriously ill or very weak persons
Diabetic on insulin

Will we get an electric shock when undergoing foot detox?

Even when your feet come in contact with the electrodes you won't get an electric shock. The machine is very safe with built-in multi-level protection. If there was overloading or short circuit, it will shut itself down. It uses very low voltage even less than a pen light battery.

After treatment, should activities be restricted?

No restrictions. You may however feel a bit tired right after the treatment. The benefits however can be felt over the next few days.

How frequent should one have foot detox?

As a general rule, the maximum frequency for people between 10-65 is once every other day for 14 sessions with a 3-week break before beginning the next sequence. The maximum frequency for people over 65 is once every 3 days with a 2-week break after 14 sessions. Improvement is usually noted over the next couple of days after the detox process.


The above info is not intended to replace the advice of your personal family doctors.
Manufacturers do not claim the machine cures. What it does is help the body re-balance bio-energetic fields which in turn simulates self-detoxification.

1 VISIT = $65.00

14 VISITS = $480.00 (SAVINGS OF $430)