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The technicians are booked back to back for their appointments.  Therefore, if you are more than 10 min. late for your appointment, we will have to reschedule.


Below are a few commonly asked questions we receive from our groupon guests.  If you dont see your question listed below, please feel free to contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist you!

Why don't you soak the hands/feet in water during a shellac mani/pedi?

We cannot soak the hands or feet in water with this service because water will hydrate the nail and expand it.  The polish will then bubble or ripple.  If you want the soaking, please choose the spa service. 

Does the microdermabrasion come with extractions?

If you purchase a microdermabrasion and facial, it will come with extractions.  If it is just for a microdermabrasion, it will not come with extractions.  If you wanted to get extractions done, along with a massage, you could upgrade in the office for $24.00

I'm interested in getting a Brazilian, but I am not sure that I can "handle" it, can I purchase the bikini wax and upgrade when I get into the office if I feel like its not so bad?

Absolutely!  We also have a low level numbing agent available as an upgrade to help take the edge off of the waxing service. 

What does the numbing stuff cost as an addon?  Are you completely numb?

The addon for the numbing agent is $15.  You are not completely numb.  It's simply going to take the edge off the waxing service.

If I want to receive other services along with my wax, can I do that?

Yes, however, please mention that upon making your appointment as we would have to schedule additional time.

Is it going to hurt....the waxing down there?

Usually the first waxing in that area is the worst because of the amount of hair found in each square cm. of the skin.  However, the tighter you pull the skin, the less pain you will experience. We will be sure to keep the skin taught during your service.  The more you keep up with the waxing, the less hair will return, and the easier the service becomes.

What exactly do you wax during a Brazilian?

We will remove all hair from the front and back side.  This does not include the actual buttock, but does include the inside of the fold on the back side.

Can I leave a strip of hair on the front?

Yes, we will be more than happy to leave whatever hair you would like to keep.

Some places will color the hair that you leave during the wax.  Does your office do that?

Yes, you can have the remaining hair colored to cover the gray with auburn, blonde, brown, or black.  We also have fun colors for the adventurist type in purple, blue, green, orange, and pink.

I am interested in purchasing your Groupon for nail services, can I also receive a pedicure on that day?

Yes, please mention that you would like a pedicure on that day so we can schedule the appropriate time for your service.

Can I upgrade my nail service to your Serenity Manicure with Shellac?

Yes, you can upgrade your nail service to any of our other manicures!

What products to you use in your manicures?

We use CND products and Zoya.

Are your technicians licensed?

Yes, all of our providers are licensed professionals!

I had a problem with the previous place that I went to for nail services, how do you insure that you do not transfer "diseases."

We are very careful to disinfect and sterilize all implements, and we do not reuse items like some discount salons.

I purchased a Groupon from Beyond Beauty the last time it was featured on Groupon.  Am I able to purchase another groupon? 

     Yes, you can purchase another Groupon.  This offer is not strictly for new guests!  However, you can only use a Groupon once every 90 days.

If I wanted some of the "addons" listed on your site, could I do that when I come into the office?

     Yes, you can purchase add-ons when you come in for your facial.  Add on prices are listed under the facial tab on our website.

I have purchased Groupons before from other places, and they charge extra for the massage and extractionsons.  Do you charge extra for extractionsons?

     No, there is no additional charge for extractions.  All of our facials include a facial massageand extractions when necessary.

Can I choose any of your facials if I purchase the Groupon for a facial, or is it a specific facial that I receive?

     It depends on the groupon you purchase.  Some of them are for specific facials, and others allow you to go up to a certain dollar amount. 

Are all of your providers licensed?

     Yes, all of our providers are licensed in the state of Illinois.  We choose only the very best in the business!  Some of our estheticians are also teachers of esthetics!

Can I upgrade my facial to a chemical peel or a microdermabrasion when I come into the office?

     Yes, you can upgrade your facial to a chemical peel for $10-$25 depending on the strength of the peel, and to a microdermabrasion for $35.00.  This is still a huge discount as you will ONLY be paying $57 for a chemical peel, which is usually $85.00, and $67 for a microdermabrasion, which is usually $100.00.  Please remember that this is a discount provided to Group on Guests, and you cannot upgrade at this price for each treatment.

I missed the Groupon. Can I still get this deal?

     For a limited time, we will accept guests at the Groupon rate. When you contact the spa, let them know you missed the Groupon.  You will then be charged for your services at the spa.

Do I get to choose any massage with the massage Group on?

The groupon allows for a Swedish massage.  If you would like a different massage, you can upgrade to a different massage.