Chemical Peels are a form of exfoliation using chemical ingredients to achieve specific results.  Not all chemical peels provide the same benefits or end results.  At Beyond Beauty Salon N Spa, we carry two different lines of chemical peels to ensure we have the perfect peel for EVERYONE!  We also carry boosters to heighten the level of the peel performance.

Some chemical peels are made for acne, some are for hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, anti-aging, enlarged pores, dull complexions, and the general health of the skin.

Modifiers can be added to chemical peels to boost the end result of the peel or for people wanting benefits for multiple skin concerns.

Not all chemical peels make you actually peel.  However, that doesn't mean the end result will not be achieved.

Depending on the chemical peel, the condition being treated, the desired result, and the length of time the problem has been present dictates how often and how many treatments will be required.


Bannana Peel

Lightening Lift


Wrinkle Lift

1/$49  or 3/$129


Wrinkle Lift Forte



Vitamin A

Acne Lift


$65-$85 (depending on layers used applied)

Beta Lift

$199 (includes two visits one week apart)

Jessner Peel 

Add Boosters ONLY $30  Kojic Acid, Stem Cell, Vitamin C, or Retinol

All peels come with a facial except the Banana Peel.  A facial can be added to the Banana Peel for $15.

Chemical Peels can be added to Facials for $15-$50 depending on the peel. 

Jessner Peels cannot be added to a facial.